Black Mask – Aesthetic and cleansed face at your fingertips

A face cleansing mask is something that every lady should have. High efficiency, no sensitization, fast functioning.



Black Mask is a cleansing mask that is ideal for all skin types, from extremely dry to oily, with countless enlarged pores and blackheads. Sensational composition of the preparation affects the body neutrally, therefore it is considered very hypoallergenic. Before using it, however, it is worth checking if you are allergic to one of its components and active substances. The Black Mask mask is used on the face very simply. It is enough to clean the skin beforehand, rinsing it with warm water and drying it well. Then a warm towel is applied to the complexion to expand the skin pores by thermal energy; only then should you rub a small amount of the product, carefully bypassing the sensitive tissues of the mouth, eyes and eyelashes and eyebrows. The mask is left on the face no longer than a quarter of an hour, and then it gently removes from the skin after it has dried and some stiffens. Such treatment should be repeated once every two days or more often if the skin requires professional care.
The result is a clean, lightened face, a delicate, soft and smooth skin, as well as properly nourished and moisturized epithelial cells that gain new energy to prevent the appearance of new discolorations, calluses, blackheads and blackheads. The Black Mask facial cleansing mask is an excellent proposition for women who do not have time for long and specialist care treatments, and require that their face look fresh, healthy and most importantly – young.

Expert opinion

Facial peel-off face masks are a well-known cosmetic and dermatological product, thanks to which it is easier to keep the integrity of the face and ensure its proper care. As a beautician with many years of experience, I recommend to my clients Black Mask – an innovative product with a wide range of functions, which I tried myself and which I recommend without remorse. This cleansing mask allows you to get rid of blackheads and discoloration on the skin, acting expressively after the first application. The best results according to the experimental results are noticeable after about 3-4 weeks of use, and to keep them as long as possible, the treatment should be continued. Black Mask is a mask with a comprehensive range of effects on skin cells. From a cosmetic point of view, it will allow for its firmness and elasticity, removes unsightly blackheads and painful blackheads, helps maintain natural purity and freshness of the skin. From a dermatological point of view, it moisturises the complexion, nourishes its deepest layers, thanks to which the skin cells are extremely persistent for the passage of time, while the skin itself slowly grows old.
The great advantage of the Black Mask cleansing facial mask is the rich content of collagen for nourishing and skin care and filling cavities in it. Regular use of this agent cleans it of impurities, and further removes dead skin and any calluses from the top coat. At the same time, it takes an active and extremely great contribution to the balance of skin sebaceous glands, which is additionally transferred to control and normalization of sebum. During clinical experiments, cases of skin whitening have been noticed, especially in the case of a darker complexion with a higher melatonin content. Supporting my long experience as a beautician, I can order Black Mask to all ladies who want to look aesthetically and young on the face.

Customers opinion

Eve 20 years

Wągry was a huge nightmare. Fortunately, I got rid of them thanks to Black Mask.

Julia 34 years old

Discolorations, blackheads, calloused epidermis? I forgot what it is thanks to Black Mask, the strongest cleansing agent.

Małgosia 49 years old

Black Mask facial cleansing mask suggested to me. We both use it for several months, and the skin is devoid of all blackheads.

Danuta 38 years old

It helps quickly and cleans the skin of the face especially well. Since I use it, I do not even consider the other face masks.


– Bamboo charcoal
– Glycerin
– Collagen