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Cistus Plus – Resistance pills – something that will be useful for every body

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Keeping a healthy immune balance should be a priority in the life of every human being, because it is the immune system that determines whether, how often and why we are ill. Unfortunately, this is not always possible - lifestyle, lack of a healthy diet, working in risky conditions (constant contact with another person) make it very difficult to take care of this significant factor. In such cases, Cistus Plus comes in for a relief - pills to increase immunity, which can be used safely and without any age limits. The measure strengthens the immune system, so it is recommended to people who are notoriously ill. Thanks to regenerative action, it is also recommended for active people who need to quickly regain their form and complete energy after exercise, increase the strength of exercise and do not overdo themselves with swabs. Cistus Plus resistance tablets function effectively from infusions and teas from purge, because they will go straight into the circulatory system and act on the body from the inside.

What exactly is a purge? This plant is known as the rock rose, which has been used in natural medicine for centuries as a reliable way to develop immunity. Also today, from its beneficial properties, they draw tablets for Cistus Plus immunity, which not only affect the body's immunology, but also the circulatory system and the skeletal system. Purge has a great healing role, removes unnecessary and harmful toxins, which literally refreshes cells and tissues, helps to maintain the perfect appearance of the skin and affects the better well-being. Its huge antibacterial and anti-inflammatory function has been demonstrated, and the polyphenols encapsulated in it also play the role of a natural antibiotic. In addition to the extract of purge in tablets there is also an extract of bitter orange and guarana, vitamin D3 and C, rutin, zinc and ellagic acid.

Expert opinion

For my patients who come to me very often with colds, flu or lighter symptoms of angina, I very rarely recommend traditional medicines. Why? Because these are preparations based on antibiotic bacteria, which the body as a result becomes immunized and which after a few more diseases can not help much. However, I often recommend to my patients the pills to increase the resistance of Cistus Plus, which I experienced positively and I can recommend them also based on individual experience. This resistance measure is a combination of the best vitamins and minerals, without which the immune system does not work efficiently or is generally subjected to disease control. It is primarily the beneficial power of vitamin C and zinc and rutin, which in a natural form are found in citrus fruits, and here are supplied in extracts of bitter orange and pomegranate.

Tablets for Cistus Plus resistance are, in my opinion, the most active supplement that enhances the body's autoimmune system. They participate in the stimulation of this system, thanks to which the body defends itself more effectively against all kinds of infections and ailments. Especially in autumn and winter, when we are much more vulnerable to illness due to unfavorable weather. It is a very effective supplement that acts on the body, regenerates it quickly after infections and helps to regain the highest level of protection against bacteria, viruses and a whole range of unfavorable pathogens. I recommend Cistus Plus as reliable and reliable tablets for increasing resistance and as a means based on a natural purge, i.e. a rock rose with strong and significant immune properties. Who should use it in particular? Not only people who are particularly vulnerable to illness, working with other people, but also athletes and

physically active people, because the Cistus Plus immune pills also help in regeneration of muscle tissue after exercise and prevent the occurrence of sourdough.

Customers opinion

Katarzyna, 28 years old

If I have to order effective immune pills for anyone, these will of course be those.

Ewelina 34 years old

I felt still finished and angry. The cause was toxins, which Cistus Plus efficiently fought off

Bartosz, 29 years old

I am not only healthier and less likely to get sick, but my body also has more energy.

Gabriela 57 years old

My resistance has increased significantly since I use Cistus Plus.


- Extract from purge

- Vitamin C and D3

- Bitter orange